Hi, I'm Kevin J Ryan and I've been a passionate collector or rare maps and prints for a few years.  Besides being a collector I also sell antique maps and prints online mainly through outlets like Ebay.  Thankfully for me I love doing research especially when it come to subjects like history and art so can happily spend hours researching about maps and prints.

From my own experience I've noticed it's often not easy to find what you're looking for online, particularly when it comes to antique maps and prints.  You've probably experienced losing a couple of hours surfing the web on more than one occasion, when originally you were just going to "have a QUICK look online".  Do hope you weren't at work at the time!  Anyway that's another story.  So yes there's masses of information, scattered everywhere, but sorting it all out - that involves investing even more time.

As I'm sure you'll agree most people have limited time and often limited resources, they simply prefer to have one place to go and get updated information or advice, especially online. So with this in mind I decided to make a new site  RareMapsAndPrintsReview.com  to help you.

So if you've ever thought to yourself:

  • How do I get started collecting maps?
  • How do you identify Prints?
  • Can I buy safely online?
  • Are Maps or Prints a good investment?
  • Is there an online business opportunity here?
  • Where can I see examples online?
  • How do you avoid fakes and forgeries?
  • Where can I find decorative prints for my home?
  • What should I buy?
  • How can I build my existing business online?

Well these are just a few of the questions the new WebTV show will answer for you.

Other Ways The New WebTV Show Can Help You

You may already be involved in buying or selling online, maybe you're interested in growing your own online business? The weekly episodes will provide a steady stream of useful tips and resources to help you. Many of these resources I use myself to help build my own online business.

So why a WebTV Show? Well video is big! When you consider how we consume information and entertainment today everything is video! How many of these do you use? Netflix, YouTube, AmazonPrime, Instagram, iTunes. Most of the content we consume nowadays is video content. People do less and less reading, they simply like to watch engaging, entertaining content that captures their full attention.

With such little time to spare it's much easier to take out a few minutes to watch a short, informative, entertaining video plus it's more fun!